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Farrington Mission Flooded

September 12, 2017 Comments Off on We Are Defending the Defenseless  Views: 1962 Current Events, NEHBC Happenings

We Are Defending the Defenseless 

NEHBC, let me brag on you. The true nature of an object is revealed under pressure. The true nature of our church is being revealed by Harvey: you really do love the defenseless, the fatherless, and the poor; you really do think the Kingdom of God is for everyone. You are proving it in the miracle that is unfolding at our physical needs mission to Houston’s Fifth Ward.  

Many areas of our city that flooded have the contacts, resources, and organization to dig themselves out of the severe devastation. Residents of those areas have direct access and influence with state officials, city councils, and senior ranking first responders. Give those communities a little time and they shall come together and will rise again from the ashes. I’ve seen it many times before – it is awesome to watch.

The Fifth Ward is not one of those areas of our city. They are defenseless in the sense that the people are strong, but they don’t have the pull to get the attention of the power brokers of our city. They are fatherless – many children in the Fifth Ward are being raised by single moms and grandmothers. They are poor – the median household income in Kashmere Gardens is $25,000 per year.

And you have gone to bat for them in an extraordinary way. Last Saturday we distributed $55,000 in relief supplies. This Saturday we will do it again. And we will keep on doing it “while supplies last.” More importantly, you shared the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Fifth Ward’s true hope, with over 2,000 residents.

My mind is blown over the countless different ways you are each seeking to play a part. Some of you are serving at the mission itself, restoring the facility from the flood and sorting inventory for distribution. Some of you are making lunch each day for the volunteers at the mission. Some of you are hosting out of town mission teams that have come to work at the mission. Some of you are making literally hundreds of phone calls to Fifth Ward area residents making sure they know we have relief supplies for them. Some of you are racking up miles on your vehicles collecting and transporting inventory. Some of you have driven to schools in the Fifth Ward to put word out that we have relief supplies. Many of you are going to great lengths with personal and professional contacts to generate more inventory. And you are doing it with so much joy and excitement.

NEHBC, you are an extraordinary church family. Even amidst Harvey devastation in our area of the city, you did not forget that God giving us Farrington Mission was God calling us to minister in the Fifth Ward. You have answered the call. In Jesus’ Name, you have gone to bat for the defenseless, the fatherless, and the poor.

It turns out the flood waters of Harvey carried into our mission a fresh, miraculous movement of God. God is moving at Farrington Mission right now like He moved on our church campus during “Three Giant Steps To Built Out And Debt Free.” If you have not gone to see it yet, I urge you to go down to Farrington and see it for yourself. The presence of God is there in an unusual way.

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