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The Great Crisis of Our Day

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March 28, 2017 Comments Off on 12 Views: 1827 Featured, NEHBC Happenings


There are twelve days until Emmanuel Baptist Church launches in New Caney, TX. I’m having moments of nostalgia because this high impact church plant is the first big harvest from sowing the three giant steps to “built out and debt free” seed during 2012-2016.

I want us to feel the magnitude of this moment; every single member of NEHBC is part of this incredible miracle. Your life is being spent on the Kingdom of God in a significant way. This planting process has been a massive undertaking for our entire church family, as the effort and resources we have given to this vision have impacted every single ministry of NEHBC. Whether you directly played a role in the plant or not, every single one of us is part of this enormous effort.

You are part of something really big. Allow me to recap. We made the Kingdom decision to forgo $500,000 in extras at NEHBC in order to give New Caney a healthy, local church. For example, we chose not to have HD cameras and have “behind the times” lighting equipment in our worship center in order to give New Caney a church. We passed on a giant children’s playground in order to give New Caney a church. We passed on adding staff to our church in order to give New Caney a church. Only the Lord could put that in our hearts!

We are giving sixty-three of our members away in order to give New Caney a church plant. Many of these members are key leaders at NEHBC whose departure is creating significant leadership gaps we must fill. Only the Lord could put that in our hearts!

We have gone to over 8,000 households in the greater New Caney area to offer them the gospel of Jesus Christ and invite them to EBC. Think about that…our church plant has not even started and we’ve already taken the gospel to over 8,000 households in a town thirty minutes away. Only the Lord could put that in our hearts!

For years to come, we will share in the spoils of the Kingdom fruit of EBC. Only the Lord could give us such regional influence in Houston!

This coming Sunday, April 2nd, our two morning services will be a time of great celebration as we send off the church plant. I will deliver a charge from the Lord, and the members of NEHBC will pray over them. We are going to exalt the name of our Lord Jesus.

This coming Sunday evening, the church plant core group will meet with Pastor John Powell and officially vote to become a church. By 7 pm on Sunday, EBC will officially be a separate church from NEHBC. The core group will no longer be members of NEHBC and they will be under Pastor John’s leadership. Additionally, Pastor John will no longer be a leader at NEHBC. We will have officially given birth to a whole new church!

Don’t miss worship this coming Sunday–it is going to be a historic day in the history of NEHBC.

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