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Contentment During the Christmas Season

A Congregation that Prays Together

December 29, 2016 Comments (1) Views: 1404 Practical Living

Memorize a Book of the Bible with NEHBC

I’m inviting you to join me and other NEHBCers in memorizing a book of the bible or lengthy passage of Scripture together over a period of months starting February 1. We are talking roughly 125 verses.

Absurd, I know. But hear me out…you can do this. I’ve memorized the Sermon on the Mount, Ephesians, and Philippians in the last few years. I’m hardly the only NEHBCer to do so. Jaime D has memorized them also. Two years ago, about ten members memorized the Sermon on the Mount together. You can do this. The prerequisite is a willingness to do busy work, not intelligence. Literally anyone can memorize a book of the bible. It requires time and stubborn determination, not a high IQ. It is hard. But it’s “I want to quit and give up because I’m not used to this” hard, not “I’m incapable of doing this” hard.

There is an actual guide and process to follow. You won’t be winging it. The guide sounds complicated, but it’s not…I’ll help you understand what it is saying. Here’s the guide.

You will have constant encouragement because you’ll be doing it with a group of your fellow church members.

The benefits will be too many to count: You will have an entire book of the bible in your head! You will find yourself meditating on Scripture non-stop and that’s life changing–driving, lying in bed at night waiting to fall asleep, waiting in lines and waiting rooms. You’ll become more holy as you are convicted, encouraged, comforted, and rebuked by Scripture. Your prayer life will find new life because you’ll find yourself praying through Scripture rather than always praying the same old things about the same old things. You’ll gain Godly wisdom as you find yourself with biblical guidance and direction in every day moments of life. You’ll be better equipped for missions among UPGs–if you ever go into a country where bibles are outlawed, you’ll have a book of the bible in your head from which you can preach, teach, and encourage believers. You’ll be better prepared for suffering and persecution–if you are ever held somewhere in captivity, you’ll have a book of the bible with you. You’ll become physiologically healthier. It will reawaken your brain. Like any muscle, our brains atrophy without being pushed to work hard and some of us don’t exercise our brains thus they become sluggish and weak. Memorizing a book of the bible will reawaken and sharpen your brain in a surprising way and the benefits of a sharp, alive mind will carry over into every area of your life which honors the Lord who made your brain and filled it with great ability. But here’s the greatest benefit: you’ll come to know our Lord more fully and thus love Him more deeply.

If you are “interested but not committed,” come to a “no pressure” info meeting at the church on Sunday, January 15, at 4:30pm. I’ll explain it to you and then you can decide whether you want to do this with me. Again, we would start February 1.


One Response to Memorize a Book of the Bible with NEHBC

  1.' Shelley says:

    It IS doable!
    And it IS a game changer… especially learning the value of each specific individual word chosen by God for His glory and our benefit!
    The verses in between the more “quoted” verses become more valuable because they point you to the Author’s purpose for each verse.

    Excited for y’all to do this (while I’m still memorizing I John from Marble Falls)!

    And the bonus is that it is soooo much richer (and easier!) to memorize Scripture in its context.

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