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September 10, 2016 Comments Off on A Sneak Preview of Upcoming Proverbs Sermons Views: 1146 NEHBC Happenings, Sermon Extras

A Sneak Preview of Upcoming Proverbs Sermons

Tomorrow, 9.11.16, we begin the second major section of Proverbs, Chapters 10-31. I thought it would be helpful to preview my strategy for preaching this very different section. Whereas Chapters 1-9 are epistle-like discourses, the second section is like a giant bucket of wisdom nuggets dumped out and scattered all over the floor. There is no discernible organization or pattern.

A helpful way to think about the two sections is like this. Chapters 1-9 are like sit down conversations between a father and son right before the son moves out of the home into the real world by himself. Chapters 10-31 are the son as he remembers them much later in life, jotting down the nuggets of wisdom his father shared with him during childhood.

So while I could preach through the first nine chapters systematically like an epistle, I have to take a completely different approach with the second section of Proverbs. I’ve considered the different nuggets of wisdom by topic and prayerfully considered a few of the topics our congregation needs to hear, and I’ve chosen an anchor passage from which to preach each of those topics.

Here is my preaching plan for the rest of Proverbs:

God’s Wisdom on Money (2 sermons)
God’s Wisdom on Parenting (2 sermons)
God’s Wisdom for Planning
God’s Wisdom for Work
God’s Wisdom in our Mouths
God’s Wisdom on Friendship
God’s Wisdom on Food

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