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Prayer Tip: Believe When You Pray

You Really Can Trust the Lord to Work Everything...

August 16, 2016 Comments Off on Prayer Tip: Forgiveness Views: 1201 Practical Living

Prayer Tip: Forgiveness

Do you feel like God is absent from your prayer time? Does your prayer time feel empty of God’s presence and power? Does it feel clinical and meaningless? Could it be that there is bitterness in your heart towards someone?

Did you know that unforgiveness is a prayer blocker? Check out Mark 11:25-26 and Matthew 5:22-24. Whoa.

Bitterness and resentment toward someone is a prayer blocker because it is a form of hypocrisy. No matter what anyone has done to you, you have done far worse–you have rebelled against the one true God. The person that sinned against you, sinned against a sinner…a thief robbed a thief. But when you sinned against God, you sinned against the Creator who is infinitely holy and pure and our sin is infinitely offensive to Him. Yet you have been forgiven of your sin! How can you not in turn forgive the sin against you? Check out Matthew 18:21-35 – The Parable of the Unforgiving Servant. Unforgiveness is hypocrisy and a prayer blocker.

You cannot control whether someone wants to reconcile with you and forgive you–that is out of your hands. God is not saying that as long as someone doesn’t forgive you for what you did to them, your prayers are hindered. He IS saying that when you have sinned against someone or been part of a fight with someone, you need to sincerely apologize and do everything in your power to right your wrongs.

If you have bitterness in your heart toward someone, walk Christ’s path of forgiving those that have wronged you. If you have wronged someone and it is still unresolved, go and deal with it. Purge your heart of unforgiveness and it will clear the way for intimate and powerful prayer time with the Lord.

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