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Pastor’s Prayer Guide

Fall 2016 Midweek Worship Lineup

July 13, 2016 Comments Off on Are you struggling with where to serve through Get In The Game? Views: 993 NEHBC Happenings

Are you struggling with where to serve through Get In The Game?

It is Get In The Game season where we all prayerfully seek our place of service in our congregation for August 2016 – August 2017. You don’t want to waste precious time so you want your service to be spent somewhere it counts for the Kingdom. You want to know you are part of our collective effort to make disciples. You want to serve where the Spirit is moving. But, how do you find the right spot?

Here is a passage of Scripture to meditate upon:  Ephesians 4:1-16, especially verses 12-16.

Ask yourself these four questions to help you find your place of service:

1. Are Christ and His needs or my convenience and preference the reference point for where I serve? 

Honestly, am I Kingdom-needs driven or selfishly driven? Do not make your convenience, comfort, and personal preferences the primary reference point for where you serve. Any decision making that begins with you instead of Christ will end with you serving in the wrong spot. Christ must be your point of reference if you want to serve where Christ needs you. So, the correct questions to ask are: Where can I really count in contributing to our congregation making disciples? Where is the Spirit calling me? What are the bride’s greatest needs? The wrong questions to ask are: What is personally convenient? What doesn’t require sacrifice? What requires minimal effort? What gives me the most time with my friends?

2. What is the condition of our church’s field of harvest? 

In other words, what is the condition of the mission field immediately surrounding our church? According to the most recent demographic study of the seven mile radius around us, the median age is 35 years old. 79% of the people are less than 55 years old. This means our community has thousands of households with people under 18 years of age. If we want to make disciples in our community, we must focus extensively on ministry to preschoolers, children, and teens. These ministries give us access to 79% of the population around us. If you want to belong to a church that makes disciples in this part of Houston, many of us need to serve in our ministries to youth under 18; all of us need to care deeply about these ministries.

The other great needs in our immediate surroundings relate to Farrington Mission. Through providing food, clothing, care for women, legal immigration assistance, and connecting with men through sports, doors open in people’s lives for the gospel to be shared.

3. Are we prepared to connect with and care for adults? 

Statistics show that if you reach adult men, 96% of the time you will reach their entire families. Reaching youth under 18 gives us access to their entire families, but discipling the parents is the biggest factor in discipling the entire family. We must be prepared to effectively connect with adults and care for them through LifeGroups. This requires enough effective LifeGroup leaders.

How many leaders do we need to devote to adult LifeGroups? Well to be sure, adult LifeGroups are not secondary in importance to our ministries to under 18s, but the leadership needs are far less than the ministries to under 18s. Here’s a rule of thumb in the church world: “adults will put up with almost anything if their children and grandchildren are ministered to well.” I’ve personally been part of leading a reproducing adult LifeGroup. It took two devoted leaders and everyone else in the group just pitching in, as any Christian ought to do when they see needs in people’s lives. So, working off that, here’s some math for you: at our max, NEHBC will run 1200-1300 people–that will mean about 700-800 adults. If there are 30 adults in a LifeGroup, we would have roughly 26 LifeGroups. 2 devoted leaders x 26 LifeGroups = 52 good leaders needed to make our adult LifeGroup ministry go around.

4. Are we prepared to provide excellent worship services? 

The worship services are the engine that drive the church. This is the wellspring of our unity and energy as we worship together, hear God’s main message for the week together, and are regularly renewed in our vision.

For our church family’s weekly gathering to go well, we need very good musicians, singers, and audio/visual techs. We also need sincere hospitality in the form of the parking lot ministry, door greeters, information booth, and ushers. These ministries are crucial for preparing the hearts of worshippers to encounter Christ.

Will you prayerfully consider where the Lord wants you to Get in the Game?

Once you have clear direction about where to serve, you can sign up online here.

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