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November 3, 2015 Comments Off on Greatest Gift to Jesus Views: 1454 Featured, NEHBC Happenings

Greatest Gift to Jesus

I’m writing to you about our big annual Greatest Gift to Jesus missions offering on Sunday, December 13th.

Our four major Houston initiatives are diverse and filled with Kingdom potential. Farrington Mission sits on the north side of the Fifth Ward, one of Houston’s major underprivileged areas. The planning of a ministry to Muslim immigrants has been challenging, but will launch in 2016, and will allow us to take the gospel into our city’s international community.  The Jericho Project is taking on a new shape, but continues to provide an avenue to take the gospel to the unchurched living in the suburbs immediately around our church.  And then finally, we are launching our first church plant, multiplying ourselves to reach a new population sprawl of our city.

Our five major international initiatives continue to pump the gospel into four Unreached People Groups and a city with significant global influence.  What God continues to do at Southside Baptist Church in London is nothing short of miraculous–a small, but now thriving local church in the city’s business borough.  The Estonians of Estonia are still living in the aftermath of the former Soviet Union and are devout atheists.  The Makonde in Mozambique, southern Africa, are in bondage to an African spiritist religion, a strange blend of ancestor worship, witchcraft, and Islam.  The Omani Bedouins of Oman have their heritage in the vast Arabian Peninsula desert as camel herders; they are caught in the web of lies of Islam.  And of course Mauritania, the North African Islamic country nobody has heard of, with a population of over three million people, yet without a single known missionary nor any evangelical church besides NEHBC committed to bringing them the gospel.

It’s hard to believe the Holy Spirit has built these nine major gospel pipelines running from our church to such diverse locations, from our city to the ends of the earth.

And this doesn’t even take into account our four year relationship with Amelia Baptist Church in Beaumont, Texas, where we are helping replant a dying local church by sending mission teams and providing leadership development and consulting.  Nor Marble Falls, Texas, where we’ve gone the last two years to help with a new church plant.  Nor Sturgis, South Dakota, where since 2008, we’ve sent a mission team to the world’s largest motorcycle rally, to scatter the gospel among over 500,000 people.  Nor Toronto, Canada, where we’ve gone the last three years to help a church plant share the gospel with a community of Tibetan immigrants, another UPG.

All of this is made possible by one big annual missions offering:  Greatest Gift to JesusWe give it this name because it takes place during the Christmas season, as an offering to the One whose birth we are celebrating and whose mission we are fulfilling.  There is no greater way to celebrate Christ’s coming than to join with the purpose of His coming: to seek and to save the lost.

You give so faithfully to the budget and so stunningly to Paving the Way, would you also be willing to pray and ask the Holy Spirit about participating in a one-time missions offering to further fund these gospel pipelines?

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