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Flooded Parking Lot Update

October 22, 2015 Comments Off on Construction Update: 10.22.2015 Views: 1052 NEHBC Happenings

Construction Update: 10.22.2015

If you were among the 400+ people on campus for midweek ministries last night, then you were part of the traffic jam trying to get out of the parking lot through just one exit last night. You likely also noticed when you arrived on campus that the North parking lot was closed.

All of this is because we have begun the repaving of the existing parking lot and there is simply no perfect and efficient way to do it. The existing lot will be repaved with asphalt, not concrete like the new lot. This is because the support system underneath an asphalt lot is completely different from a concrete design–you cannot just remove the asphalt top and pour concrete instead. The cost of digging out the asphalt system and installing the concrete system and then pouring concrete just doesn’t making financial sense. It is far more cost effective to repave the asphalt every five years. So, we are repaving the existing lot in phases. Yesterday, they fixed the areas of the North lot where the underneath support system is compromised and so we needed the North lot closed last night. It is now back open. Depending on the rain that is being forecasted, the end of this week or next week they will fix the compromised areas of the existing south lot. Then they will come back and repave the entire existing lot with asphalt and it will be like new.

As we finish out the project, we are having to pick “the least worst” logistical options while we continue to operate in a construction zone. This reminds me of when we built our new worship center over our old worship center, while still worshipping in the space every Sunday! It also reminds me of our early days as a church plant when there was constant inconvenience and logistical challenges. Welcome to life in a growing church that is passionate about planting churches; we can’t have it both ways. If we want to reach people for Christ and plant churches, it means we will be inconvenienced and face logistical challenges on a regular basis. Fortunately, this construction project will soon be over, and along with it the inconveniences and sacrifices that accompany this phase of our vision.

This Sunday, the entire parking lot and both gates will be available. The police will be here every Sunday to direct traffic on West Lake Houston Pkwy so we can exit the parking without a traffic jam. I love y’all. Thank you for your patience.


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