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September 5, 2015 Comments Off on Let’s Talk About Sex Views: 1743 Family, Featured, NEHBC Happenings

Let’s Talk About Sex

Who taught you a biblical perspective of sex when you were a pre-teen? Who developed your understanding of sex as you matured through adolescence and into adulthood? When you were engaged, did anyone explain sex in marriage? Did anyone warn you that the first time is nothing like you’ve seen in a movie? Would it have helped if someone had informed you that sex is purposefully given in an undeveloped form to a husband and wife, and that it would take two to three years of development to become amazing, but the process is gloriously vital to the relationship, and the end result far better than Hollywood can dream?

After fourteen years of pastoring, I have found most people who grew up in a Christian home never received teaching about sex, and among those who did, it was a fairly short, one time, clinical talk sometime during their pre-teen years, that covered puberty, the mechanics of sex, how women get pregnant, and ended with a big exhortation to “save yourself until marriage.”

Yet this is one of the most vital issues of life. Sex affects us at every level of who we are. And if it’s given by God, then the church should be the leading expert on the matter. But, sadly, the church has remained silent. Including ours. I’ve been negligent in teaching you. So, culture has filled the void. The result is countless Christians across the country have experienced moral failure, are in sexual addition, and have broken sexual relationships in their marriages.

I am going to teach a series on sex in Midweek Worship on Wednesday nights at 7pm. Nicole will be joining me on four of the seven nights.

Here is the schedule:

September 16………Sex and Marrieds I
September 23………Sex and Marrieds II
September 30………Sex and Singles
October 7…………….Sexual Redemption
October 14…………..Having ‘The Talk” with Your Children
October 21…………..Having ‘The Talk’ with Your Son
October 28………….Having ‘The Talk’ with Your Daughter


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