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September 14, 2015 Comments Off on Houston Elections: “Vote No on Prop 1” Views: 1690 Current Events

Houston Elections: “Vote No on Prop 1”

Election day in Houston this November is a big one for two reasons: 1. We will elect a new Mayor. Mayor Parker is on the way out due to term limits. 2. We will vote on HERO (Houston’s Equal Rights Ordinance).

HERO will be Proposition 1 on the ballot and I want to urge you to “vote no on Prop 1.”

As a pastor and a Christian, I have two major, gospel issues with HERO, the first is moral, the second is constitutional.

On a moral level, all young girls and women in the City of Houston should be free to use public restrooms without fear of a man watching them while they undress. The rights of adults are secondary to the safety and protection of children, so our city government should seek to protect the freedom of our children before our adults. Surely there are solutions to SOGI (Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity) public service challenges whose costs do not have to be carried by the young girls of our city.

On a constitutional level, this is clearly a religious freedom issue: every private business owner should be free to operate their businesses according to their personal beliefs without the fear of unjust government punishment. The government was formed to be freedom’s greatest protector, not it’s greatest threat. We surrender to Caesar what is Caesar’s: tax money – but we surrender to God what is God’s: our conscience. A private business owner should not be forced by government to operate their business in contradiction to their personal beliefs. If Prop 1 passes, private business owners who are Catholic, Muslim, Mormon, Christian, and more will be forced by government to operate their private businesses contrary to their personal convictions. Prop 1 is a clear violation of religious freedom.

If you are as outraged at the ongoing agenda against religious freedom in our nation as I am, here is a clear, identifiable target you can shoot at: “vote no on Prop 1” in the Houston elections.

Here are three very important dates to remember:

1. October 5 is the deadline to register to vote. If you live in the Houston city limits, make sure you register to vote by this date. You can register here:

2. October 19 to 30 is early voting. During this period, you can vote at any of the polling stations in Harris County.

3. November 3 is election day.


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