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August 25, 2015 Comments Off on Sneak Peek: Midweek Worship Views: 957 NEHBC Happenings

Sneak Peek: Midweek Worship


Is it God’s will for you to take the job offer or not? Is that the house He wants you to buy? Are you supposed to have another child? Does He want you to move to a new city?

How can we discern the will of God in a specific personal matter? How do we hear God speak to us? A friend of mine likes to say, “polling your Christian friends, praying you don’t mess up, and then playing your gut feeling is not biblical decision making.” My friend is exactly right, but unfortunately, this is the decision making process for many Christians I know.

This week in Midweek Worship I’m going to teach you how to discern the will of God and how to hear God speak. It is also the big kickoff for AWANA – a fantastic discipleship ministry for 3 yr olds to 4th grade rooted in Scripture memory, Route 56 – our new 5th & 6th grade ministry, and student ministry for 7-12th grade. Wednesday, 6:45-8pm. I hope to see you there.


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