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August 27, 2015 Comments Off on Sermon Series Preview: Christian Crossdressing Views: 2434 Featured, Sermon Extras

Sermon Series Preview: Christian Crossdressing

We are returning to Ephesians this coming Sunday with a five part series from Ephesians 4:25-32 that one could call, “Christian Crossdressing.” Recently, Bruce Jenner has become the face for a movement of those who struggle with gender identification. Images of men dressed as women and vice versa have been splashed on many websites and magazine covers. To me, identifying with a gender other than one’s biological gender is outrageous…but not nearly as outrageous as “Christian Crossdressing.”

Have you ever seen a disciple of Jesus Christ dressed in Satanic clothing? You have…you just may not have noticed. But, when you do, it is truly outrageous. I know because I myself am a recovering “Christian crossdresser.”

Ephesians begins, in 1:3-14, by informing us that as Christians, we have a new identity, we are now “in Christ.” Chapters 1-3 explain more fully what it means for someone to be “in Christ.” Chapter 4, verse 1 is the hinge verse that swings us into the second half of the book: “I therefore urge you to walk in a manner worthy of the calling to which you have been called.” In other words, since we are now “in Christ,” we are summoned to conform our lives to our new identity.

Well, what does it mean to “walk in a manner worthy of the calling to which you have been called?” The word “walk” appears repeatedly in chapter four, breaking it down for us: “don’t walk like the Gentiles” (4:17), “walk in love” (5:2), “walk as children of light” (5:8), and “look carefully how you walk” (5:15). There is a clear “walk” theme going on in the passage, telling us how to be conformed to our new identity “in Christ.”

As we have already seen during our journey through Ephesians, the first “walk” is “don’t walk like the Gentiles” and it is fully fleshed out in 4:17-32. We are told in 4:17-24 that to stop walking like a non-Christian, or one who follows the spirit of Satan (2:1-3), there is a “taking off” and a “putting on.” Well, what are we to “take off” and what are we to “put on?”

This is the five part series we begin this coming Sunday out of 4:25-32. There are five sets of opposites: falsehood vs. truth, sinful anger vs. non-sinful anger, stealing/laziness vs. sharing/hard work, corrupting talk vs. building up talk, and finally bitterness and wrath vs. kindness and forgiveness. According to the passage, in each set, one is the clothing of Satan (i.e.: falsehood) and the other the clothing of Christ (i.e.: truth).

The gap between Christ and Satan is far greater than the gap between a human male and female.

The exhortation of the passage is: now that our personal identity is “in Christ”, we must be conformed to our new identity. It isn’t enough merely to know and celebrate we are “in Christ,” we must be conformed to our new identity. The first step is to stop dressing in Satan’s clothing and to dress in Christ’s clothing. We cannot be “Christian crossdressers.” It is far more outrageous than crossdressing between genders; the gap between Christ and Satan is far greater than the gap between a human male and female. 

I’ve been such a crossdresser. I know what it is like to be a Christian in bondage to lying, anger, stealing/laziness, destructive words, and bitterness. Even after being set free, I still have to fight them off because they crouch at the door of my life seeking to take me captive again. Join me the next five Sundays as we learn how to take off Satan’s clothing and put on Christ’s.

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