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July 16, 2015 Comments Off on Summer Travels and This Coming Sunday Views: 1104 NEHBC Happenings

Summer Travels and This Coming Sunday

I’m trying something new with my scheduling in 2015. Usually I spread my ten Sundays out of the pulpit across the calendar year. This year, I decided on a different approach to see if it would be better for NEHBC. During the summer, members are coming and going. During the two main school semesters, most members are here. So, I decided to be here for the two main semesters. I scheduled a twenty-three Sunday run from January-May, a twenty-something Sunday run through the fall, and packed almost all the Sundays I’m out into the summer. And the verdict is in…I’m not doing this again. It has been insane.

And the traveling is not done. I will be away this coming Sunday before I’m back for three Sundays in a row. This Sunday I’m preaching at Austin Stone Community Church in Austin. I’m looking forward to it and I’d appreciate your prayers. I have to preach four services that each last ninety minutes in one day: 9am, 11am, 5pm, and 7pm.

Jason Johnson is preaching at NEHBC this coming Sunday. We’ve asked him to come because he will help us meet a need our congregation has. Over the last few decades, the marriage culture in our nation has been broken by easily attainable divorce and more and more children being born to unwed parents. The collateral damage of a broken marriage culture is children–millions of children are now raised by either one or neither of their parents. Our culture has forgotten that marriages are as much for the children produced as they are for the adults in the marriages.

While our nation has lost the value of children, we as God’s people cannot. Children are near and dear to the heart of our Lord, including those separated from their parents. We need to be retaught this reality from time to time so that we think like our Lord. I don’t believe all Christians are supposed to adopt or foster children, nor be involved in a hands on way. I think we are each led by the Spirit to help fill a variety of Kingdom needs. I do think, though, that every Christian ought to have an ongoing awareness of the state of children in our culture–they are the collateral damage, the refugees, of our nation’s broken marriage culture. This is why we talk about “orphan care” and why we have a ministry at NEHBC called Mosaic.

Jason Johnson used to pastor a great church in The Woodlands. He felt called of God to leave his local church and to devote himself full time to reminding God’s people of God’s compassion for children. He will preach in both services this coming Sunday. May the Holy Spirit continue to build NEHBC into a temple of Jesus Christ.

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