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Sunday Morning: Special Design

July 28, 2015 Comments Off on Sermon Teaser: Prayer Views: 1363 Sermon Extras

Sermon Teaser: Prayer

Was I serious Sunday when I said we shouldn’t bring all our needs before the Father in prayer? So we should never bring our needs to God?

Why did I say what I said Sunday when sometimes when I lead NEHBC in prayer, I ask the Lord to provide financially for our church or pray for healing of sick people?

Why does Christ say in Matthew 6:8 that our Father knows our needs before we ask them and then turn right around in Matthew 6:11 and say to ask the Father to meet a need?

Why does Christ say in Matthew 6:31-33 that our Father knows our needs and will meet them if we seek first the Kingdom of God, and then in James 5:13-15 says we can pray for healing?

This coming Sunday, in Part II of our Matthew 6:5-15 series on prayer, we will answer this question. This past Sunday (listen here), we learned the “purpose” of prayer is intimacy with our Father and our “posture” in prayer is absolute trust in Him. This coming Sunday we will look at the “priority” when we pray and the “position” from which we pray.

I’m imagining the potential of a congregation “abiding” (John 15:4); a local church family living in intimacy with the Father. I’m imagining the possibilities for a congregation of disciples that don’t talk AT the Father, nor merely TO the Father, but rather WITH the Father.

Following our two part series on prayer, we have an exciting opportunity for us to come before our Father together in prayer. On Sunday, August 9, we have special worship services designed for us to seek renewal in the Lord. We’ve never designed Sunday morning services like this before. The format of the services will be very different to the normal flow. The teaching time will be broken up into several five minute blocks. Each teaching block will have a particular focus and will be followed by a few minutes of guided prayer and reflection and then some singing. Each block of teaching and prayer time will build on the previous one. All of it will culminate in an opportunity for spiritual renewal with our Father. Make plans to join us for these special services on Sunday, August 9.

This renewal will prepare us for the second half of Ephesians as we learn what it means to “live worthily of the call” in a culture under siege to a sexual revolution. In the coming days, the teachings of Ephesians 4-6 will become even more foreign to our culture. We need the power of God at work in us if we are going to be holy as He is holy. Let us draw near to God and then let’s let Him cleanse us and purify us that He might be glorified through Jesus Christ in us, His church.


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