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United We Stand

Thoughts and Responses to LGBT Issues and Gay Marriage

July 14, 2015 Comments (2) Views: 1224 Current Events

Gospel Issues Targeted In The Public Square

Prior to the 2012 US presidential election, a fellow pastor and I were preparing a set of sermons together and it became clear to us that the secular agenda has really targeted three main beachheads of the gospel for attack in the public square: life, marriage, and religious freedom. This is by no means a coincidence.

All three are profoundly gospel matters. Life is the very gift the Lord gave us in the beginning, physically and spiritually. It is what sin stripped from us, physically and spiritually. It is what Christ came to restore to us. Marriage is God’s tangible example in the physical realm of His intentions toward mankind and mankind’s only right response to Him. Ephesians 5:32 says marriage is a mystery that is ultimately about Christ and the church: look to God’s plan for the role of husband to see His intentions for all mankind and look at God’s plan for the role of wife to see mankind’s only right response to God. Religious liberty is the freedom for the gospel to spread freely and for disciples to live it out. When it comes to the gospel in this world, life is its purpose, marriage is its billboard, and religious liberty is its highway.

So, I’m not surprised culture is attacking these three issues head on. Regarding life, today’s report on Planned Parenthood is so tragic, it leaves me speechless. Our nation is trafficking babies and selling body parts. I have no words. Regarding marriage, the recent SCOTUS decision is indefensible. As bad as the decision is, the fact the government thinks they have the right to define marriage is even worse. Regarding religious liberty, the SCOTUS ruling, the plethora of cases against private businesses owned by Christians who are acting according to their faith, and the legal cases against Christian parachurch orgs refusing to provide abortion care to employees tell us freedom has been tremendously reduced.

What is happening in our nation is a direct assault on the gospel of Jesus Christ.

What is happening in our nation is a direct assault on the gospel of Jesus Christ. And the church is in the gospel business. As gospel proclaimers, we must speak up about life, marriage, and religious liberty in the public square. This does not make us political, it makes us distinctly Christian. 

And remember, we want to do the right thing, the right way. We must get both parts right. Be of great conviction and courage. And be humble and kind. Micah 6:8 – “What does the Lord require of you but to do justice, love kindness, and to walk humbly with the Lord your God.” 

Jesus is Lord.

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2 Responses to Gospel Issues Targeted In The Public Square

  1.' MsGee Carvin says:

    Though I agree that marriage is a reflection of the gospel lived out, but where does singleness fit in the equation?

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