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July 6, 2015 Comments Off on Deleted Scenes from 7.5.15 Sermon – The Love of Money Views: 1164 Sermon Extras

Deleted Scenes from 7.5.15 Sermon – The Love of Money

Here are some very practical life issues to think through in light of yesterday’s sermon on the love of money, from Matthew 6:19-24:

Raising Children: If the spending of money heavily influences a person’s cravings and affections for either the love of money OR love for our Father, we must be very careful when it comes to our children and materialism. We must teach them to to have to earn things, wait for things they want, go without things they want, and to give biblically to our Father from a young age. If we just give them everything they want when they want it and don’t teach them to give biblically to the Father, we are preparing them for a lifetime of bondage to the love of money. I highly recommend the book, “Smart Money, Smart Kids,” by Dave Ramsey, as a training tool for teaching children and teens about money.

Corporate World: I’ve noticed over thirteen years of pastoring people that the corporate world works very hard to enslave employees through the love of money. Here is how it seems to work: companies provide escalating compensation, benefits, and perks, AND an environment of expectation for employees to have nice things (clothes, vehicles, etc, because after-all, you represent the company to clients). In other words, they give you lots of money while requiring you to spend all of said money.  As the compensation and spending escalate, you train your heart to want these finer things. You also become stretched thin financially. And now, you are trapped. You are used to the finer things and you are overcommitted financially, so you can’t walk away. Now the company can demand you compromise your ethics through lying and cheating and that you work hours that will cost you your family. See how that works? The corporate world uses the love of money to enslave employees as a means to the end of the company making even more money. (This is not true of every company, but I have seen it many times.) Be delivered from the love of money by giving to our Father, getting a budget, and sorting out your finances so that at any time you want, you can walk away and find a different job. Work to save up three or more months of expenses. You are a bondservant of Jesus Christ, not your firm.

Corporate World: With the recent SCOTUS ruling on gay marriage, working in the corporate world just got even tougher for Christ’s disciples. If the day comes that you are required to affirm homosexuality or be fired, keep in mind, you are really choosing between the love of money and your Heavenly Father: the money your company pays you or your Father’s holiness. The SCOTUS ruling shows us that this will become more and more common for Christians in the workplace, so start getting ready. Sort out your finances so that you are not tempted to dishonor your Father and you can walk away from your job. Be delivered from the love of money through giving to our Father, getting a budget, and sorting out your finances. Work to save up three or more months of expenses. Live within your means. And if that moment ever comes, remember, if you put your Father first, He will take care of you. He is trustworthy and loves you so much. He is our supreme caretaker.

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