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Baptism and Small Children

Deleted Scenes from 7.5.15 Sermon – The Love of...

June 2, 2015 Comments Off on Midweek Worship Preview Views: 1301 Sermon Extras

Midweek Worship Preview

With this past Sunday’s sermon in mind, during the teaching time I’m going to share very practical action steps about how to join the Holy Spirit and declare war on ungodliness in our lives. Action items you can take away and start practicing. How do we play our part in our appetites, desires, habits, emotions, instincts, reactions, sexuality, gender, personality, nationality, ethnicity, worldview being cleansed from the training of the old life and being recoded according to God’s design for life? 

I’m really looking forward to the prayer time. I hope we come to pray with intentionality and focus, to implore the Lord to do supernatural things. I hope we pray for miraculous things. I hope we pray for lots of things, but especially for the really spiritual things–revival, prayer, the Scriptures, holiness, evangelism, missions, the salvation of specific people, etc. I hope we pray with humble expectancy–actually believing the Lord can and will do what we are asking. When we pray together, in accordance with His will, motivated by His glory, we bring the power of God to bear and very real results will be produced. 

See you Wednesday night if you can make it, 7-8pm.

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