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On the Importance of Reading

May 13, 2015 Comments Off on Book Recommendation: Who is Jesus? Views: 1096 Practical Living

Book Recommendation: Who is Jesus?

I recently read Greg Gilbert’s, “Who Is Jesus?” and want to recommend it to you as quite a helpful resource.

It is a short book; about 120 small pages. It is written with regular folks in mind, not scholars. It is very conversational throughout and even funny at points. There is a unique twist: Greg uses the bible not as a divinely inspired book, but as a historical document. (You may not know this, but even if one rejects that the bible is inspired by God, it still possesses validity as a historical document – even if a fallible one.) Using the bible as just another historical document, the author uses a legitimate, compelling logical flow to provide a very persuasive argument that Jesus is the Christ and the One in whom the reader should put their trust.

who is jesusSo, I highly recommend this book as a useful tool for unbelievers who like to read. In fact, I’ve given it out in the spirit of a gospel tract to unbelievers already. I could see this being a good book to read through with a willing unbeliever, meeting several times to discuss over coffee. For the foreseeable future, this will be my “go to” book for any unbeliever who is seeking Truth about Christ.

But, I also want to recommend this book for discipleship of believers who lack a robust understanding of the doctrine of Christ because the author provides a big picture of the doctrine of Christ, including the necessity of His humanity and divinity, the abundance of evidence that Christ rose from the dead, and an explanation of His current and future reign. And all of it is laid out in a clear, easy to understand, compelling format.

This book would be really useful to read through to disciple a newer believer, meeting several times to discuss over coffee. It would also be an effective discipling tool for a parent to read through with an 8-12th grade son or daughter. I can also see it being helpful as the curriculum for a topical or doctrines based small group bible study. For the foreseeable future, this is the book I will read through with any new believer for discipleship purposes.

And finally, spoiler alert…reliable sources tell me that coming later in 2015 is a similar book by the same author on the authenticity of the Scriptures…

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