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Deacon Selection Process Update – Recommendation

Deacon Selection Process Update

April 20, 2015 Comments (2) Views: 1043 NEHBC Happenings

AHS Shuttle Parking

Starting this coming Sunday, we will have shuttle parking available from Atascocita High School every Sunday.

The last two Sundays, we have run out of parking. This is due in part to the loss of our large field as overflow parking every time it rains. The weather is an unpredictable factor. However, it isn’t the only reason we are running out of parking–the Lord is bringing more folks than our current parking can accommodate. We simply can’t run out of parking–word gets out and new people stop coming. We need our guests to be able to find parking without any trouble.

We’d like to reserve our parking lot at the church for guests, our elderly, and our parents of infants. If you are willing and able to shuttle, please park at AHS.

It will flow just like it did on Easter Sunday. Several buses will be running starting at 7:15am. Just pull into the parking lot and look for our signs and canopy.


2 Responses to AHS Shuttle Parking

  1.' ChrisAnn Collier says:

    Since I teach in the Potter’s Wheel, on Sunday mornings…first service, I prefer to be at NEHBC by 8:30am. Which shuttle would allow me to be there at this time?

    •' Nicole Lino says:

      Arriving by 8:15 should work great for that arrival time, ChrisAnn. Thank you for faithfully serving.

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