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The Jericho Project and My Children

As do several of our families, I try to use Jericho Project to disciple my children. It is a powerfully effective experience for them to see not just daddy or mommy going house-to-house with the gospel, but the other adults of NEHBC as well. This is one of the greatest ways NEHBC impacts my children.

But just as much, the encounters at the doors bear lasting influence on my kids. They get to see the full range of possible responses to the gospel: doors closing in our faces, unbelievers willing to listen, unbelievers mocking Christ and the church, hurt believers lashing out, meeting supportive believers in the area, encountering believers who have walked away from Christ, watching unbelievers give their life to Christ, and more. They get to see what happens when the gospel collides with atheists, Mormons, Muslims, etc. And, my kids get to experience all of this with me by their side, shaping their understanding of what they are seeing and hearing. This is foundational for preparing them to be the next generation of Christ’s church in America.

But another profound effect I’ve found it has on my kids is the clarifying of the gospel in their own minds. Through coming with me house-to-house, they hear the gospel explained over and over and over and from different angles. They hear questions about the gospel asked and answered. What my kids experience at the doors prompts questions in their own minds that they ask me and I can clarify the gospel for them as we go.

House-to-house evangelism had a profound effect on my spiritual formation. My father took me to knock on literally thousands of doors during my childhood–in many ways so he could disciple me to live as a Christian in our culture. Through direct evangelism I learned courage, I got thick skin, I learned what it meant “not to fear those who can only kill the body and not the soul.” I learned compassion, patience, and love. I honed what I believed through being forced to explain it to others, clarify it, and defend it. I learned a lot about the religions of the world and I learned a lot about human nature. Now, I’m seeking to pass it on to the next generation of christian Linos.

My children can be taught the gospel repeatedly inside a local church and it only barely settle upon their minds and hearts, but in the cauldron of taking the gospel out into the public square, they are forced to grasp it more deeply. One of the greatest schools in the gospel available to Christians is direct evangelism in the public square.

The Jericho Project is a tremendous opportunity for NEHBCers to personally grow in the gospel and for parents to disciple their children in the gospel. I strongly encourage you to take advantage of this unusual and increasingly rare opportunity for spiritual growth.

Sundays, 5pm, in the Fellowship Hall. 

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