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March 13, 2015 Comments Off on Jericho Project: New Season Views: 1168 NEHBC Happenings

Jericho Project: New Season

As of Sunday, March 15, Jericho Project has been restructured.

The JProject is NEHBC’s systematic plan to take the gospel house-to-house until we have been to every home and apartment in the immediate vicinity of our church campus. We have targeted the 38,000 homes from Greentree Village in Kingwood in the north, to Fall Creek on Beltway 8 in the south, to Huffman in the east, and the edge of Atascocita in the west. So far, we’ve gone to 4,000 homes; yes, that’s 4,000 family units that have been offered the gospel at their front door!

Participants under the original structure found the process challenging. It was too difficult for those who had never before gone door to door. It didn’t allow teams that experienced a challenging evening to share in the “wins” of other teams that same evening. It didn’t allow synergy to be built within teams that would lead to greater effectiveness. Potential participants were hesitant to participate for fear of feeling they had to commit to an endless number of Sundays. We have fixed the “bugs” and we are now launching JProject 2.0.

Here is the new structure for Sunday afternoons:

  • We now go out in six Sunday “blocks” followed by two Sundays off. We ask participants to commit to all six weeks of a block and then your commitment is over. You are welcome to commit to another six weeks any time.
  • Teams of three have an assigned team captain who is trained in leading at each door and training team members.
  • Teams of three stay together for all six weeks to build synergy and pray for each other more effectively.
  • A brief, optional evangelism training session is offered each week prior to going out.
  • A brief, optional “report back” session will follow each Sunday evening. This will allow every team that goes out to hear and celebrate any “wins” on the other teams. All participants share in the “wins” of every team.

So, here is what the new Sunday format looks like:

5:00 – 5:15pm: Optional house-to-house evangelism training sessions

5:15 – 6:45pm: Teams out in neighborhoods

6:45 – 7:00pm: Optional “report back” session so that all teams can hear and celebrate the “wins” from the evening


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