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Baptism and Small Children

March 23, 2015 Comments Off on Baptism and Manhood Views: 1030 NEHBC Happenings, Sermon Extras

Baptism and Manhood

Men, are you balking at baptism because you think it would be embarassing for a grown man to go through New Testament baptism? 
God’s design for manhood begins with subjecting oneself to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. To put a twist on what the great Adrian Rogers used to say – if you want to get over what God has put under you, you have to get under what God has put over you. Manhood begins with faith based obedience to Christ. It doesn’t get more manly than obeying your commanding officer who has commanded you to be baptized. 
What is more masculine than courageously not caring what anyone thinks in order to do what is best for you and your family: publicly declaring your allegiance to the King of Kings? Truthfully, it is NOT doing what is best due to fear of what others might think, that is unmasculine. So, ironically, you aren’t protecting your manhood by not getting baptized, you are giving it up. 
Jesus is Lord. You’ve entered the covenant. It’s time to put on the mark of all of Christ’s disciples: New Testament baptism. 
Sign up here to be baptized on Easter Sunday, April 5. 

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