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Marriage: A Declaration of War

Stewarding Your Headship Well

February 6, 2015 Comments (3) Views: 1293 Family

Two Daily Prayers for Husbands and Dads

16 years of marriage and 10 years of parenting have taught me one thing, if nothing else…spiritual leadership of a family is hard work, really hard work. If it feels easy you are doing it wrong. Follow my logic: Satan hates the family unit because it is God’s design to image Christ and His church in this world (Ephesians 5:32). So, Satan attacks your family relentlessly. Therefore, leading a family is doing battle against Satan and thus it is really hard work, warfare to be exact.

Key to spiritual leadership in the home is intentionality. If you don’t remember to be intentional about leading, leadership will be nonexistent. One thing I do to remind myself to be intentional is to pray a leadership prayer when I leave my home each morning to go to work and each day on my way home from work. This habit might be helpful to you too.

A prayer to pray pulling out in morning to go to work: “Father, I thank you for work in general and my job in particular. It is Your means of provision to me and my family and more importantly, a means to glorify Yourself in my workplace. So that both those ends may be accomlished, I commit to work today “as unto the Lord”. Put Your joy in my heart and Your blessing on everyone with whom I work.”

A prayer to pray driving home: “Father, thank you for the work day. I commit the victories and burdens of my work to you. Now, as I go home to my family, I thank you for my family. I pray for Your grace to enable me to be the servant-leader my family needs. My family has also had a long day and they are also tired; I choose to be the one to serve instead of be served. Grant me grace, patience, kindness, and wisdom.”

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3 Responses to Two Daily Prayers for Husbands and Dads

  1.' Jerry Thomason says:

    Thank you Brother Nathan, I am so happy to see you restarted your blog, and I thank you for the wonderful Two Daily Prayers. This will become part of my daily focus!

  2.' Brian Sachitano says:

    What an amazing way to start my commute, both ways. Thank you Pastor Nathan.

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