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Preparing for the Lord’s Supper

February 6, 2015 Comments Off on NEHBC Missions Views: 1195 NEHBC Explained

NEHBC Missions

Here is the longterm vision list I shared with our congregation a couple of weeks ago at our annual missions fair. Working from our immediate geographic area, outwards to the ends of the earth:

  • Houston: Every NEHBC member with one convert every year
  • Houston: The gospel taken in person to the doorstep of every single home within a reasonable geographic area around NEHBC–we have targeted 38,000 houses.
  • Houston: Multiple local churches planted in Houston’s 5th Ward through the ministries of our Farrington Mission
  • Houston: 10 local church plants near Houston’s north Grand Parkway
  • Houston: One longterm commitment to an immigrant community of another religion
  • World: Every NEHBC high schooler on a short term mission trip to a UPG prior to graduating
  • World: Every head of household on a short term mission trip to a UPG
  • World: 25 shortterm missions trips/year
  • World: 10 families to move overseas longterm among UPGs

Here is what we value in our missions commitments:

  1. The great crisis of the world today is the number of people groups who still do not have access to the gospel. There will not be people of every tribe and tongue around the Great Throne until the gospel gets to every tribe and tongue, ie: “people group”. There are many tragic crisis in the world today, but the greatest is this “gospel access” crisis. It is this crisis that drives our missions.
  2. The end game of all NEHBC missions is the building up of local churches. Whether we are planting churches where there aren’t any, fertilizing churches that are young, or revitilizing dying churches, the end game of all our work is the building up of local churches.
  3. We work in places outside our city where there is little to no gospel witness through local churches. Overseas, this means UPGs and UUPGs. Domestically, this means pre-Christian settings such as Las Vegas or radically post-Christian settings like New England.
  4. We practice missions with a bold gospel witness. We must be wise as serpents and gentle as doves, we will lean on doors to see if they open and not kick them in. But, we wont go where local christians or christian agencies are hesitant about the gospel being shared.
  5. Under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, we are willing to go where our church members may be required to pay a personal price for the gospel. We wonder “when”, not “if” NEHBC will have its first prisoner or martyr for the faith. Christ said it would be this way.

Our vision and values may be scary to some. And that’s ok…grace to all who need it. Nobody is required to go on a trip, nobody is forced into going on a trip. Just know, there is a persisent expectation grafted into the rhythm of our church’s life for every single member to wholeheartedly support global mission. This is the ultimate agenda of the ultimate King: “every tribe, every tongue”.

If you aren’t used to this missions atmosphere and environment yet, just hang in there, watch what happens through our church’s relentless pursuit of global mission, and you’ll find the Holy Spirit doing this in you too. Missions is offense, so NEHBC plays offense. And we want to have an “Air Raid” offense that plays in the Red Zone as much as possible, and scores as many touchdowns as possible. Sure, the defense against which we play is vaunted–Satan and his forces protect those they have claimed with ferocity. But the One who has sent us out and is in us is far more powerful. We believe in the power of the One who has equipped us and we believe in His gameplan. So, we aren’t afraid to play offense; we aren’t afraid to line it up and go at this vaunted defense. We say, let’s line up and play ball. So, if you are nervous, just hang in there, watch a few plays, and I promise…you’ll want in.

You can find our 2015 trips and the trip registration page here:


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