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February 22, 2015 Comments Off on Deacon Selection Process Views: 1633 NEHBC Explained, NEHBC Happenings

Deacon Selection Process

Dear NEHBC –

As I announced in our worship services this morning, we have begun the deacon selection process.

Per our by-laws, the deacons serve for a specified number of years and then rotate out of the deacon body and we select new deacons to assist the pastors with extraordinary spiritual situations. The current deacons are Randy B., Ruben C., and Gene S.

One of them will be rotating off on June 30th, the last day of our church year. We will need to refill that position. We are also adding a fourth deacon position based on a growing need for help to our pastors. So, we will be selecting two new deacons to serve along with the two who are not rotating off. The two new deacons will begin serving on July 1.

Here is the selection process: Any of our members may submit any of our male members for consideration to serve as a deacon. So that you have time to fast and pray over this matter, you have until March 22 to submit a name, should you be led by the Spirit to do so. At that point, the pastors and current deacons will review the names submitted. Two men will be selected and submitted to the trustees for approval. Then the names will be brought before the congregation and a vote will be held on Sunday, April 26.

As I announced in our worship services, I am teaching on the role of deacons at NEHBC in Midweek Worship this coming Wednesday, February 25. The New Testament leaves it up to each local church to determine how the deacons can best fulfill Acts 6:1-4. At NEHBC, the deacons assist the pastors by taking on extraordinary spiritual situations such as intervening in divorces, rescuing members that have fallen away from our body, and church discipline situations, just to name a few examples. I will use the Midweek Worship teaching time to refresh our congregation on the role our deacons play.

As you prayerfully consider whether you are to submit a name for consideration, please give special attention to Acts 6:1-7, 1 Timothy 3:8-13, and the podcast of my teaching time from Midweek Worship-2.25.15. To submit a name for consideration, please go to the lobby information booth for a deacon nomination form. Once you fill it out, simply drop it in one of the offering boxes on our lobby walls.

May the word of God continue to increase and the number of disciples multiply greatly as a result of this deacon selection process. (Acts 6:7)

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