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ASK NATHAN: What do you do when your husband...

February 15, 2015 Comments (1) Views: 1288 ASK NATHAN


Today in worship you saw a silly video of me asking Pastor Nathan questions through a new text messaging platform we are calling ASK NATHAN. If you missed the video you can see it by clicking


You may have some questions about how it all works so I wanted to take a minute to share information about the ASK NATHAN platform with you here. This is going to be an important part of our communication plan and we want all NEHBCers to use this system to ask questions. You can’t raise your hand and stop Pastor Nathan in the middle of a Sunday morning sermon but you can take out your phone and send him a question to be answered later.


All you need to do to ask a question is text the word ASKNATHAN and your question to the number 24587. That will trigger the system to store your question to be answered later. If all worked as planned you will receive a text message back telling you that your question was a success. Please know that standard text and data rates still apply! Below is a screenshot of what this might look like on your phone.


If it is a question that only Pastor Nathan can answer then he will likely answer it in one of his Q&A blog posts. If it is a question that another pastor can answer then you will likely get a text message back from one of us through the system or from Pastor Nathan if it is something that he would like to address on the blog for the benefit of the entire church.


You can ask anything you want but you should only expect an answer to serious questions that are about theological issues, our church, or something related to a ministry of NEHBC. We hope you use this new system to ask great questions and join the conversation on Pastor Nathan’s blog at

One Response to ASK NATHAN

  1.' Connie Davidson says:

    Hi Pastor Nathan,
    When dealing with my family and Mother I have always been the outsider. From little on I have been different and had a troubled early life with HUGE mistakes. But for the last 40 years I have always reached out to my siblings and parents in hopes of building a bond with them. But the initiation has always been from me. If I did not call, write or reach out to them there would be no relationship at all. This effort has weighed heavy on me and I have gotten to a point in my life where I want to stop the pain I get when I try to connect and it is so one sided.
    Would it be wrong to just stop reaching out to them and let myself be only a part of their past? They do not understand my walk with Christ at all and they live 1000s of miles from here making it very difficult to connect. To this day they only know me by what I was and did years ago. I am at a point that my friends, family, and church family here in Texas are me life and I would like to move forward and leave the burden of this behind.
    This is not to say that if they were to reach out to me that I would no be open to talk and exchange conversation but the burden seems to hold me back and I would like to continue to move forward.
    I just do not want to move forward by doing something wrong in the eyes of our Lord.
    Thank you for being here for us. Thank you for being such an awesome example to us, especially those of us that did not have the father figure we could have had. (But saying that is not to be disrespectful of my own father because God gave him to me and God has his reasons for all things.) Thanks most of all for showing us how to stand on His word and understand His word so we can put it into practice.
    We love you Nathan,

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