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Parenting Through the Libyan Massacre

Why I’m a Redeemed and Recovering Serial Killer

February 17, 2015 Comments (5) Views: 1517 Current Events

7 Points for Thinking Biblically about ISIS

Earlier, I posted a glimpse of how Nicole and I are walking through the recent beheadings of our Christian brothers in Libya with our four young children. The talking points we use with our kids are critical for all believers to embrace.

Here are 7 points Christians can use to think biblically about the increasing violence perpetrated by ISIS against our brothers in Christ:

1. The Lord told us it would be this way, so do not panic (Matthew 10:16-25.)

2. The Lord told us not to fear those who can kill the body but not the soul (Matthew 10:26-33.)

3. These brothers are martyrs of the faith and as Christians, we admire them so much. They refused to be disloyal to Christ in order to save their own lives-they loved Christ more than their own life (Luke 14:26.) They are heroes (Hebrews 11:38, Revelation 6:9-11.)

4. We should pray ISIS is brought to justice for these ongoing murders (Romans 13:1-7.)

5. We do not hate the members of ISIS or we are hypocrites. Instead, we pray for the members of ISIS to become Christians and be in heaven with all of us one day (Matthew 5:43-48.) We are redeemed by Christ for committing mass murder and are still learning by the grace of God to stop being serial killers, ourselves (Matthew 5:21-22.)

6. What has happened at the hands of ISIS is what happened to Steven in Acts 6:8-7:60. ISIS is stoning and beheading Christians; Steven was stoned for being a Christian. Most of the disciples were martyred for the faith.

7. The greatest martyr was Christ Himself. Our Lord was crucified for the Christian faith. If that is what happened to Him, what should we expect will happen to us if we follow Him and His teaching? (Matthew 10:24-25)


5 Responses to 7 Points for Thinking Biblically about ISIS

  1.' Brandon Melia says:

    Great post pastor! It’s so easy for us to quickly judge them and want to send all of the members of ISIS to hell, but we all need that reminder that we are all enemies of God without Christ and we are all in the same boat and would all be going to hell if it were not for the loving acts of Christ!

  2.' Megan Lee says:

    My pastor has some wise words in this situation.

  3.' Cindy Reed says:

    So proud of my daughter Megan for reposting Pastor’s points.
    She is growing into a wonderful Christian young lady. And
    a lot of it has to do with a wonderful Pastor (Nathan Lino),
    that is not afraid to say the truth, and teaches us every week
    and here what is biblical. Thank you Nathan for being God’s
    teacher to us, (NEHBC).

  4. […] 7 Points for Thinking Biblically About ISIS […]

  5.' Edsel Jansen says:

    These 7 points are very encouraging for us brothers and sisters of the 21 christians who were killed. Let us continue meditating on the Word of God and applying it in our lives. Keep on praying for those who are persecuted.

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